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Daytrips (and the wet-and woodland of Bruges)

The ’Westhoek’

From 1914 to 1918 the ’Westhoek’, the western part the Province of West-Flanders, i.e. the area of Nieuwpoort, Diksmuide, Ieper (Ypres), Poperinge, was the scene of the Great War. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers of more than 20 nationalities fell in this conflict. After the often pointless battles and vast destruction, the Westhoek rose from its ashes. Today the Westhoek wants to spread a message of peace all over the world, with the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, the IJzertoren in Diksmuide, the numerous military cemeteries, the war memorials and sites. It’s possible to visit thig area during your stay in Bruges. Two companies organise a daytrip to this region ( and

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Boat Trip Bruges - Damme

From April until October, the Lamme Goedzak Steam Wheeler travels
5 times a day between the historic town of Bruges and Damme. After
35 minutes, you can explore this little town of Tijl Uilenspiegel.  

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The former fishing village of Damme lies in a peaceful polder landscape of waving fields and far horizons. A long time ago, Dammes nestled on the edge of the Zwin, a waterway connected to the sea. A canal was built between Damme and Bruges and, by the 13th century , Damme was the region´s bustling port. But along with Bruges, its fate was sealed when the Zwin stilted. These days the village lies next to the Damse Vaart, a canal linking Bruges with the hamlet of Sluis in the Netherlands. Along here you´ll see the village´s landmark windmill.

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The Bruges Woodland and wetland

The Bruges woodland and wetland is the sole green Flemisch region by the sea, located at a bowshot from the World-famous historic town of Bruges. Bruges is surrounded by precious open polder land and a belt of forests. The region unites canals and dikes, castles and abbeys, preserved villages and monuments, historic farmhouses and mills, parks and nature reserves. Bruges’ front garden amazes and surprises.

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