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All information about the city and its curiosities (such as museums, events,...) can be found on the official website of the city of Bruges.

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Christmas Market

By the end of November the town of Bruges is transformed into a pleasant Christmas market, where you can search for nice Christmas presents. On the big Market Square you can also enjoy some ice skating (November - January).

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The Christmas Happening

The Christmas Happening at Bruges is a fair for lovers of the Christmas atmosphere and the festive days, with continuous flower demonstrations, stylish decorations and numerous exhibitors with the most attractive festive ideas. ideas | quiet, pleasant home decorations | romantic tables | glowing Christmas trees | old-fashioned charm | original gifts from well-known top designers and decorators.

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Snow and icefestival

The Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival is sculpted from no less than 300,000 kilograms of crystal-clear ice and 400 tons of pure snow. This treasure-trove of icy masterpieces is preserved in a special 1,200 m² thermal tent, where the temperature is kept at a constant -5° C. The first refrigerated lorries will arrive at the beginning of November, to deposit their 2 ton ice blocks on the Station-square. A fleet of bulldozers and cranes will move these blocks into the cold hall, where they will be stacked in preparation for the sculpting of the metres-high snow & ice decors.

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Cinema Novofestival

Cinema Novo Film Festival (Brugge, Belgium) presents films from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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