Hotel Ter Duinen Brugge: reviews

TD17-10-2019 15:36:59

Klein,   rustig   en   aangenaam   hotel   op   15   min   wandelen   van   de   Grote   Markt   Uitstekende   service   -   hartelijke   ontvangst   Verzorgde   kamers   -   Groot   kingsize   bed   met   uitstekend   matras   We   hadden   een   kamer   met   uitzicht   op   de   gracht   -   Heel   goede   isolatie,   wat   nodig   is.   Gratis   WIFI   Mooi   onderhouden   badkamer   -   bad   en   douche   -   met   essentieel   toebehoren.   Het   ontbijt   wordt   geserveerd   in   mooie,   grote   ruimte   volgens   de   buffet   formule.   Het   bestaat   vers   geperst   sinaasappelsap   (wordt   persoonlijk   aangeboden),   vleeswaren,   kaas,   ed.   Een   gekookt   eitje   wordt   speciaal   gemaakt.   Een   gereserveerde   parkeerplaats   is   aan   te   raden.

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TD12-10-2019 14:05:38

My   wife   and   I   stayed   at   Hotel   Ter   Duinen   in   September   2019.   The   hotel   is   situated   facing   a   canal,   a   lovely   15   minute   walk   from   the   town   centre.   We   arrived   late   for   check   in,   and   the   owner   personally   greeted   us   and   ushered   us   to   our   room.   Our   room   was   clean   and   comfortable   and   faced   the   canal.   A   breakfast   was   included   with   the   room   that   included   an   egg   cooked   to   order,   as   well   as   various   breads   and   pastries,   meats   and   cheeses,   coffee   or   tea;   available   in   an   elegant   dining   area   on   the   main   floor.   The   owners   were   wonderful,   providing   helpful   suggestions   for   navigating   Bruges,   sites   and   eating   choices,   and   a   short   history   of   the   origins   of   the   hotel,   an   added   touch   that   greatly   enhanced   memories   of   our   stay.   This   is   a   genuine,   local   hotel   that   I   would   highly   recommend   to   enhance   your   stay   while   in   Bruge.   Very   friendly   staff   !

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TD10-10-2019 16:46:09

Die   Zimmer   sind   sauber   und   modern,   das   Frühstück   ist   sehr   gut   und   die   Betreuung   jederzeit   freundlich   und   zuvorkommend.   Dieses   Hotel   ist   etwas   für   alle   diejenigen,   die   den   großen   Hotelketten   nichts   abgewinnen   können   und   nach   einer   besonderen   Unterkunft   suchen.   Das   Hotel   ist   zentral   gelegen,   es   sind   nur   10   Minuten   bis   zum   Stadtzentrum   und   die   Lage   an   der   Gracht   ist   nicht   nur   von   der   Aussicht   her   schön,   sondern   auch   ruhig.   Sehr   zu   empfehlen!!

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TD10-10-2019 16:45:09

Dieses   kleine,   sehr   schöne   und   gemütliche   Hotel   liegt   direkt   am   Kanal   abseits   vom   Trubel   aber   dennoch   sehr   zentral.   Das   Frühstück   war   vorzüglich,   alles   frisch   und   vom   bester   Qualität.   Unser   Zimmer   im   Dachgeschoss   war   geräumig   und   sehr   ruhig.   Die   Inhaber   &   Mitarbeiter   waren   aufmerksam   und   hilfsbereit   aber   nie   aufdringlich!   Wir   haben   uns   sehr   wohl   gefühlt!

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TD10-10-2019 16:43:37

Hotel   situé   dans   le   nord   de   la   ville,   juste   en   face   du   canal,   dans   un   quartier   très   calme.   Belle   chambre   et   salle   de   bain   et   le   petit   déjeuner   était   excellent   et   le   personnel   au   petit   soin.   je   recommande!

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TD3-10-2019 17:43:36

Good   value   and   great   hospitality!


My   husband   and   I   stayed   here   to   visit   Bruges.   The   location   is   a   bit   outside   of   the   main   hustle   and   bustle   but   not   too   far   to   walk.   Being   right   on   the   canal   is   very   nice.   As   soon   as   you   start   walking   you   have   a   beautiful   view.   The   room   we   stayed   in   is   very   simple,   and   could   use   some   amenities.   Nothing   that   I   think   would   cost   the   hotel   a   lot   but   just   little   things   like   more   lotions   and   potions   or   glassware.   It   felt   quite   minimal.   There   is   airconditioning   but   we   needed   to   get   a   remote   for   it   from   the   front   desk.   Not   sure   if   that’s   normal   or   not.   There   is   an   elevator   if   you   need   it.   The   breakfast   was   good.   It   included   a   boiled   egg,   but   mostly   continental.   They   did   have   these   little   Tete   de   Moine   cheese   flowers   and   the   host   explained   to   me   the   machine   they   use   to   do   this   which   was   great,   I   ended   up   buying   one!   The   parking   as   has   been   mentioned   is   extremely   secure.   The   spots   are   pretty   small   to   get   into   but   they   have   thoughtful   padding   on   the   walls   for   your   doors   even   to   allow   for   this.   I   would   stay   here   again   and   recommend   it.   Make   sure   to   visit   the   small   park   nearby   to   pet   the   local   sheep.

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TD3-10-2019 17:42:45

Stayed   3   nights   at   the   hotel   in   late   Sep,   2019.   All   in   all   a   great   experience,   with   a   friendly   staff.   The   owners   are   fantastic   hosts.   Pre   arrival   emails   were   timely   and   informative   with   directions   by   car   or   train.   We   trained   in,   and   opted   for   a   €12   cab   to   the   hotel.   It´s   only   about   a   25   min   walk   from   the   station,   but   dragging   suitcases   over   cobblestone   walkways   was   not   appealing.   We   were   welcomed   with   a   local   area   orientation   upon   our   check   in,   which   was   expeditious   and   informative.   Our   room   was   clean,   with   a   comfortable   bed   and   all   necessary   items.   Our   room   was   a   little   small,   but   it   had   a   nice   canal   view   and   was   fine   for   two   people;   and   we   were   offered   a   larger   room   ahead   of   time   has   we   opted   for   that.   A   lovely   European   breakfast   was   included   each   morning,   in   a   nice   setting   with   great   hostesses.the   hotel   is   about   a   10   min   walk   to   the   city   center,   but   it´s   nice   being   off   the   tourist   path,   and   it´s   a   very   safe   residential   area.   We   very   much   enjoyed   our   visit,   and   would   stay   here   again.

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TD21-9-2019 12:41:12

I   booked   this   hotel   only   the   day   before   arriving.   Everything   was   very   well   prepared   and   organised.   Very   friendly   and   attentive   staff   and   owners!,   who   are   interested   even   in   "short-stay-visitors"   (like   me,   having   little   private   chats).   Nice,   clean,   cosy   rooms.   Very   good   breakfast   in   a   great   breakfastroom.   The   hotel   is   placed   on   a   canal,   10   minutes   walk   from/   to   the   vity   center   (which   makes   it   a   nice   quiet   place).   I   would   come   back   any   time.

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TD17-9-2019 15:15:42

Magnifique   petit   hôtel   de   charme   situé   dans   un   lieu   très   calme   au   bord   du   canal   et   à   10   mn   de   la   place   du   marché   .   La   direction   est   aux   petits   soins   avec   ses   clients,   ce   qui   change   des   grandes   enseignes.   Il   y   a   un   parking   tout   près   ou   l´on   peut   laisser   son   véhicule   24   h   pour   un   prix   très   raisonnable.   Hôtel   chaudement   recommandé   !

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TD17-9-2019 15:14:30

Attention   to   detail   was   exceptional   ,   not   only   in   the   hotel   but   for   the   service.   We   felt   at   home   right   away.   It´s   the   perfect   location,   a   scenic   3   minute   walk   to   the   heart   of   historic   Brugge.   Private   garage   parking   was   perfect   for   us.   We   will   stay   again   next   time!

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TD17-9-2019 15:11:42

We   had   a   wonderful   stay   at   Hotel   Ter   Duinen!   The   hotel   is   located   in   a   beautiful,   historic   building   on   a   canal   just   a   few   minutes   walk   north   of   the   center   of   Bruges.   The   hotel   stay   includes   a   delicious   breakfast   which   is   the   perfect   way   to   start   your   day.   The   hotel   staff   was   very   friendly   and   knowledgeable   about   the   city   and   gave   us   great   suggestions!   There   is   reservable   parking   available   (for   a   price).   We   would   absolutely   stay   here   again.

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TD13-9-2019 15:03:36

Super   hôtel   !   Personnel   très   gentil   et   accueillant.   La   chambre   est   mignonne,   propre   et   très   confortable.   De   plus   l´hotel   est   proche   du   centre   ville,   et   facile   d´accès   en   voiture.   Je   recommande   cet   hôtel!   😊

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TD10-9-2019 14:47:03

Ein   superschönes   kleines   Hotel   in   idyllischer   Lage   direkt   am   Kanal   und   in   der   Nähe   des   Zentrums.   Sehr   beeindruckend   ist   u.   a.   auch   die   liebevolle,   romantische   Gestaltung   des   Frühstücksraumes,   der   Orangerie   und   des   Innengartens.   Die   schönen   Zimmer   sind   individuell   gestaltet   und   sehr   sauber.   Garagen   und   Parkplätze   befinden   sich   nebenan.   Das   Personal   ist   sehr   freundlich   und   hilfsbereit.   Das   Frühstück   wird   mit   Liebe   zusammengestellt   und   zubereitet.   Neben   anderen   Köstlichkeiten   gibt   es   täglich   verschiedene   Obstsorten,   Säfte,   frisch   gepressten   Orangensaft,   verschiedene   Brot-   und   Baguette-Sorten   und   Kuchen.   Die   Frühstückseier   werden   jeweils   frisch   gekocht.   Ganz   besonders   hervorzuheben   ist   die   Gastfreundschaft,   Herzlichkeit   und   Hilfsbereitschaft   des   Betreiberehepaares.   Einen   Aufenthalt   in   diesem   Haus   können   wir   unbedingt   empfehlen.

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TD7-9-2019 17:14:10

Sehr   geehrte   Familie   Boss-Van   Den   Heuvel,

uns   hat   es   sehr   sehr   gut   gefallen,   es   hat   alles   gepasst,   der   tolle   Service   das   sehr   gute   Frühstück   und   der   traumhafte   Garten.
Wir   werden   wiederkommen   das   hoffentlich   schon   bald.

Liebe   Grüße
Ulla   &   Alan   Deckert   =

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TD5-9-2019 14:11:16

We   booked   this   hotel   based   on   views   from   TA   and   loved   it   a   lot   for   multiple   reasons.   Before   arriving   we   had   mailed   the   hotel   about   its   locations   and   direction   to   arrive.   The   authorities   were   extremely   prompt   in   replying.   You   need   to   take   the   bus   4   or   14   outside   the   station.   Its   about   a   15-20   minutes   ride   through   the   city   to   the   hotel.   When   the   bus   wades   through   the   city   we   were   admiring   the   architecture   till   it   travelled   along   the   canal   and   stopped   at   the   hotel.   We   were   mesmerised   by   the   location   and   the   beauty   of   the   hotel   with   lovely   flowers   on   the   balcony   overlooking   the   canal.   The   room   was   beautiful   with   a   view   of   the   canal   and   lovely   Bruges   architectural   colourful   houses   on   the   other   side.The   breakfast   was   quite   unique   with   a   chat   with   the   owner   Marc.   The   owners   personally   squeeze   fresh   oranges   and   provided   us   the   morning   drink   and   caught   up   to   give   tips   of   the   place.   He   took   utmost   care   for   our   good   stay.   we   loved   the   hotel-   relatively   smaller   than   the   large   hustle   bustle   hotels   which   allows   the   owners   to   give   us   a   personal   attention.   The   rooms   are   perfect   in   size   and   has   a   lovely   view.

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