Hotel Ter Duinen Brugge: reviews

Mr and Mrs Barrett15-5-2012 14:43:54

Mr   &   Mrs   Bossu-Van   Den   Heuvel


Many   thanks   for   your   email,   it   was   very   much   appreciated.   We   enjoyed   our   stay   with   you   so   much   and   we   are   already   missing   Ter   Duinen   very   much,   we   will   never   forget   the   view   from   our   window,   it   is   simply   beautiful.


Many   thanks   for   the   suggestions   for   our   drive   home.   We   visited   Damme   &   Nieuwpoort   and   enjoyed   a   walk   on   the   sand   in   the   sun,   just   perfect!!


Your   hotel   is   simply   perfect.   The   breakfast   is   a   great   way   to   start   the   day   and   there   is   nothing   that   we   can   suggest   you   change.   Maybe,   a   ‘monsoon´   shower   would   be   a   good   addition   and   larger   pillows   but   these   are   only   small   points   as   we   really   loved   everything   about   the   hotel.   I   think   I   read   somewhere   that   you   were   planning   to   re-furbish   the   remaining   rooms   in   the   near   future,   is   that   correct?


We   must   really   congratulate   you   on   running   a   wonderful   hotel   which   actually   feels   like   a   family   home   rather   than   a   business.   We   were   made   to   feel   very   welcome   and   we   are   already   looking   forward   to   returning   to   Bruges   later   during   this   Summer.   I   think   we   might   visit   again   when   the   Cactus   Music   Festival   is   taking   place   in   July.


Thank   you   also   for   the   restaurant   recommendations.   Hopefully,   we   will   be   able   to   visit   more   on   our   next   visit.


Again,   many   thanks   for   your   very   kind   hospitality.


Kind   regards,




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Stefano Caselli6-5-2012 9:03:39

Dear   mr   e   mrs   Van   Den   Heuvel,  
it’s   been   a   pleasure   to   receive   you   e-mail:   my   son   is   feeling   good   now,   thank   you.very   much.
We   spent   lovely   days   at   your   charming   hotel,   in   a   fantastic   city   like   Brugge.   We   would   like   to   thank   you   for   your   kindness,   for   the   hospitality   and   a   lot   of   compliments   to   Marc   for   his   excellent   italian!
You   have   to   know   that   I   was   longing   to   come   to   Belgium   and   eventually   I   came   some   weeks   ago:   I’m   a   homebrewer   and   my   favourites   beers   are   belgian   ones,   so   nothing   better   for   me   than   come   to   Belgium,   moreover   Brugge   is   the   most   beautiful   city   I’ve   ever   been   to,   beautiful   not   only   for   the   characteristic   houses,   for   its   canals   but   even   for   the   relaxing   atmosphere   for   the   politeness   of   belgian   people   for   the   way   they   leave.
I   hope   to   come   to   Belgium   as   soon   as   it   is   possible   and   for   sure   I   will   come   to   Brugge   and   stay   at   your   hotel.
Be   sure   my   wife   and   I   will   leave   a   comment   on   tripadvisor.
Best   regards
Stefano   Caselli

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Leo & Gaby5-5-2012 9:27:36

Im   Hotel   Ter   Duinen   haben   wir   mit   unseren   Freunden   ein   super   schönes   Wochenende   in   einem   perfekten   Hotel   verbracht.   Die   Gastgeberfamilie   mit   ihren   Angestellten   haben   uns   sehr   verwöhnt.   Man   fühlt   sich   wie   in   einer   kleinen   Familie.   Das   Frühstück   ließ   den   Tag   schon   super   beginnen,   es   war   alles   so   richtig   zum   genießen.   Man   bekam   auch   sehr   viele   tolle   Infos   und   Tipps   von   den   Gastgebern.   Wir   werden   dieses   kleine   feine   Hotel   auf   jedenfall   wieder   besuchen.  

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Worldwanderer21-4-2012 13:22:10

“Charming   hotel   combines   tradition   with   modern   amenities"
  Reviewed   April   10,   2012   Hotel   Ter   Duinen   is   a   charming   hotel   that   offers   old   world   ambience   with   modern   comforts   in   the   rooms.   Both   our   rooms   (#35   and   #36)   were   large   and   comfortable.   King   size   beds,   flat-panel   TVs,   high-tech   lighting.   And   newly-renovated   modern   bathrooms   with   great   showers,   sinks,   and   plenty   of   closet   space,   hangers,   and   extra   pillows.   A   second   door   between   the   hallway   door   and   the   bedroom   ensured   almost   non-existent   hallway   noise.   2   sets   of   well-insulated   windows   meant   almost   no   noise   from   the   road   outside   our   room   (wish   we   had   these   in   NYC!).

The   owners   and   all   their   staff   provided   warm,   efficient   service   and   were   so   welcoming   and   helpful   from   the   moment   we   checked   in   to   the   moment   we   checked   out.   The   provided   excellent   suggestions   for   things   to   do,   side   trips,   and   restaurants   of   course.  

Room   Tip:   #36   is   excellent   for   older   travelers   requiring   a   walk-in   shower.  

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Karina Z21-4-2012 13:21:05

“Insanely   beautiful   hotel!"
  Reviewed   April   17,   2012   NEW   I   chose   the   hotel   carefully,   and   read   before   the   trip   a   lot   of   feedback.   As   a   result,   all   reviews   for   this   hotel   turned   out   to   be   true.
It   is   located   in   5   minutes   from   the   city   center,   on   a   quiet   promenade.   View   from   the   window   amazing:   the   river,   houses,   beautiful!
In   the   hotel   we   were   greeted   with   open   arms!
The   rooms   are   very   comfortable,   bathrooms   are   new,   everything   is   clean
Lovely   breakfast.   Unfortunately   my   knowledge   of   English   is   not   so   great   that   to   describe   the   excitement   from   this   hotel.   I   highly   recommend   it   stops   there.

Stayed   April   2012,   traveled   with   family

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julienne thierry13-8-2011 10:36:28

j’ai   mis   les   commentaires   sur   le   site   de   tripadvisor   .

2   nantais   qui   se   sont   beaucoup   plus   pendant   les   2   nuits   passés   ici,   et   qui   conseillent   cet   hôtel   très   agréable   à   tout   point   de   vue   .

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Thiron9-11-2010 19:12:07


We   hebben   met   veel   plezier   genoten   van   ons   verblijf   bij   jullie   in   het   hotel.
We   komen   zeker   nog   eens   terug

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C et JP Billard27-8-2010 19:29:31

Nous   sommes   français   et   auvergnats   et   nous   souhaitions   depuis   très   longtemps   découvrir   Bruges.   Le   hasard   du   net   nous   a   conduit   à   l’hôtel   Ter   Duinen.   L’accueil   est   excellent   et   attentionné,   le   confort   et   la   propreté   font   partie   des   qualités   de   ce   charmant   hôtel.
Juste   une   petite   chose,   si   vous   avez   trop   chaud   la   nuit   à   cause   du   duvet,   n’hésitez   à   ne   conserver   que   l’enveloppe   de   la   couette   comme   drap   !   Le   linge   est   changé   chaque   jour   et   les   échantillons   renouvelés.   Le   petit   déjeuné   est   des   plus   agréables   :   accueilli   avec   un   jus   d’orange   pressé   frais   et   des   fruits   coupés   de   saison,   charcuterie,   fromage,   œufs   coque,   laitage,   fruits   secs.....   tout   cela   à   côté   d’un   magnifique   patio   superbement   fleuri   avec   les   fleurs   du   marché   de   Bruges.Envie   d’y   retourner   ?   OUI

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Marco en Marjolijn19-6-2010 9:26:40

Een   super   weekend   achter   de   rug   in   waarschijnlijk   een   van   de   mooiste,   authentieke   hotels,   van   Brugge!   De   service   was   zeer   goed   en   ook   de   vernieuwde   kamer   was   om   niet   te   vergeten!   Absoluut   een   plek   om   naar   terug   te   gaan   en   zeker   om   aan   te   bevelen!

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Marjo en Ber14-12-2009 20:25:26

Wat   een   fijn   hotel.   Zeer   gastvrij.   Mooie,   gezellige   kamers.   Inrichting   van   de   rest   van   het   hotel   zeer   smaakvol   en   heel   gezellig.  
Bijzonder   gastvrij,   vriendelijk,   volop   tips,   mooie   plek   voor   de   auto   te   reserveren.
Zeker   een   hotel   om   terug   te   komen   of   aan   te   bevelen.

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David Meara

You have and run a wonderful hotel. We really enjoyed our stay and recomended your establishment to Rick Steve's. Thanks for some great memories!

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christopher berg

Hello Ter Duinen looks like a wonderful hotel - we will consider carefully for visit in February

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Allen Smith

The stay at this hotel was superb the standard and level of service together with the relaxing and friendly surroundings made our visit to Brugges so enjoyable. Without doubt we shall return again as soon as possible

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John & Kathleen Grainger

After years of hearing from others how they enjoyed Bruge, we now are saying the same to all our friends. The most wonderful part of our first visit was staying at Ter Duinen! Mark and Lieve are the most weloming and warm hosts. Everything about our time with them was wonderful. We most appreciated their wonderful recommendations for dinner and places to visit. We will be back!

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Jim & Bunny Oliver

We're back home after 23 days in Europe. Our stay in Brugge was delightful--in large part due to your gracious hospitality and lovely hotel. We loved breakfast in the beautiful dining room with classical music playing softly. You are wonderful hosts.

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