Hotel Ter Duinen Brugge: reviews

Vaschetto Family (United Kingdom)30-3-2017 17:07:06

Hotel   Ter   Duinen   Brugge

I   spent   a   weekend   witrh   my   partner   at   the   hotel   and   we   were   delighted.   The   room   is   quite   and   clean;   the   hotel   is   charming;   the   breakfast   is   excellent;   the   owner   and   staff   all   very   frendly   and   helpul!   An   experience   not   to   be   missed.   I   hope   I   will   be   able   to   be   back   again   soon.   Dario   V

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Daan (Nederland)30-3-2017 17:05:14

Hotel   Ter   Duinen   Brugge

Zeer   goed   hotel.   Alles   was   verzorgd,   de   kamers   netjes   en   de   bediening   heel   correct.   Verder   werd   er   ook   parking   voorzien   wat   handig   is   als   je   dicht   tegen   het   centrum   van   Brugge   zit.   Wij   zijn   hier   2   dagen   verbleven   en   hebben   er   telkens   van   genoten.   We   gaan   regelmatig   op   citytrip   en   de   prijs   is   zeer   correct   voor   wat   je   ervoor   terugkrijgt.

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Mr and Mrs Shimizu28-2-2017 16:24:34

Isn’t   this   a   beautiful   story....   ?

Dear   Mr.&Mrs.   Bossu   Van   Den   Heuvel,
I   am   sorry   for   such   a   late   reply.
I   am   Utako   Shimizu   who   stayed   at   your   hotel   a   week   ago.
I   had   been   longing   for   staying   at   your   hotel   for   so   long.   Let   me   tell   you   why.
It   was   February   of   18   years   before,   when   I   walked   by   your   hotel   and   knocked   the   door.
I   asked   if   there   was   a   room   for   me   for   one   night.   I   had   no   appointment   and   I   had   fever.
An   elder   lady   kindly   took   me   to   the   room   next   to   the   garage   and   I   felt   at   ease   feeling   noble   but   homy   atmosphere.
I   had   been   traveling   European   countries   by   myself,   so   the   tiredness   and   winter   cold   winds   seemed   got   energy   out   of   me.
After   I   went   into   the   room,   immediately,   I   took   medicine,   went   into   the   bed,   and   slept   until   next   morning.
I   awoke   several   times   in   night.   Every   time   I   awoke,   I   felt   relaxed   seeing   beautiful   room.
Next   morning,   when   I   went   out   of   the   bed   I   felt   my   body   lighter.  
I   went   out   to   have   breakfast.
The   elder   lady   who   I   met   on   the   day   before   took   me   to   the   seat   next   to   the   window.
I   had   really   good   breakfast   seeing   the   pretty   view   and   hearing   the   sounds   of   the   bells.
The   elder   lady   offered   me   plenty   of   fruits.  
I   spent   for   so   long   time   for   the   breakfast   time.
It   was   when   I   learned   the   importance   of   nutricious   breakfast.
I   took   shower   after   breakfast   and   I   perfectly   recovered   from   the   sickness.
After   I   left   your   hotel,   I   traveled   around   other   countries   and   about   one   month   later,   I   met   a   Japanese   man   in   Paris.
Two   years   later,   we   got   married,   lived   in   the   US   for   two   years,   had   two   children,   lived   in   Japan   for   ten   years,   and   about   two   years   before,   we   came   to   Brussels   for   my   husband´s   job.
And..   finally,   I   could   stay   at   your   hotel,   again,   with   my   husband   and   children,   this   time.   The   mood   your   hotel   hold   had   not   been   changed   at   all.
How   happy   I   was   when   I   went   into   the   hotel   and   how   happy   I   was   when   I   sat   next   to   the   window   on   the   breakfast   time..  
Your   hotel   had   been   so   special   in   my   mind   for   so   long   and   will   be,   too.
Since   I   got   married,   I   never   ever   skip   breakfast.   Every   morning   I   prepare   breads,   egg,   hams   or   smoked   salmon,   and   fruits.
And   all   of   my   family   love   breakfast   the   most   among   three   meals   of   a   day.
Thank   you   for   reading   such   a   long   letter.
Following   your   question   in   the   message   you   sent   me,   one   thing   I   thought   while   our   stay   was...,
that   I   wanted   to   have   a   cup   of   warm   tea   or   coffee   in   the   afternoon   or   in   evening.
I   think   if   there   was   a   coffee   machine   or   hot   water   in   rooms   or   at   the   sofa   area,   it   would   be   so   nice.
Your   hotel   is   a   bit   apart   from   city   center,   so   I   guess   that   many   of   your   guests   would   arrive   at   your   place   after   a   lot   of   walk.
But   your   kindness   and   warm   hospitality   were   very   same   as   18   years   before,   and   pretty   furnitures,   table   and   bed   fabrics,   dishes,   and   decorations   also   made   our   stay   pleasant.
Thank   you,   thank   you,   so   much.
I   hope   to   stay   at   your   place   once   again.
Utako   Shimizu

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Mrs Jane Hart31-10-2016 8:28:23

Dear   Marc   and   Lieve,  
We   had   the   most   wonderful   time   in   your   beautiful   hotel.   I   can’t   think   of   anything   you   could   do   to   better   it.   You   and   your   excellent   staff   made   us   feel   totally   pampered.   It   was   clear   that   you   all   made   a   particular   effort   to   make   the   hotel   stand   out   with   its   exceptional   design   and   decor   and   fantastic   customer   service.   All   your   efforts   were   successful   and   made   every   aspect   of   staying   with   you   a   pure   pleasure   from   the   five   senses   indulgence   of   your   wonderful   breakfasts   -   especially   starting   early   for   us   on   our   last   morning   -   to   our   delighted   surprise   to   be   presented   with   wine   and   juice   and   peanuts   on   our   third   evening.   I   put   a   five   star   review   on   TripAdvisor   as   soon   as   I   came   home   and   will   not   hesitate   to   recommend   you   to   anyone   I   hear   is   coming   to   Brugge.   If   we   are   ever   lucky   enough   to   be   able   to   return   to   Brugge,   ourselves,   we   would   most   certainly   wish   to   stay   with   you   again.   I’m   afraid   none   of   us   use   facebook,   but   if   there   is   any   other   way   I   can   help   you   to   promote   your   excellent   product,   do   let   me   know.
My   thanks   to   all   of   you,   once   again.
Best   regards,
Jane   Hart

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Monica G9-10-2016 17:17:57

We   went   for   3   days   to   one   of   the   most   beautiful   cities   of   the   world,   and   found   this   wonderful   and   charming   hotel.   I   can   truly   say   is   the   best   hotel   I   have   ever   been:   you   just   feel   at   home.   Warm   service,   big   and   comfortable   rooms,   delicious   food   (fresh   orange   juice   and   delicious   soft   boiled   eggs   included).   The   decoration   is   just   charming   and   wonderful   and   perfect   to   live   this   wonderful   city.   It   has   a   wonderful   view   to   one   of   the   most   beautiful   canals.   It   is   very   near   to   Bruges   downtown,   10   min   walking   and   about   3   in   bus,   which   passes   just   outside   of   the   hotel.   I   wouldnt   recommend   any   other   hotel   to   stay   in   your   travel   to   Bruges.  

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Familie Verhelst9-10-2016 17:13:00

vriendelijk   onthaal,   prive   parking   indien   gewenst,   perfect,   uitgebreid   ontbijt,   zeer   vriendelijke   bediening.   Fijn   verblijf   gehad   in   Brugge,   met   dank   aan   Hotel   Ter   Duinen.

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Spangenberg Weyandt9-10-2016 16:25:16

Sehr   geehrte   Familie   Bossu-Van   den   Heuvel,
vielen   Dank   für   Ihre   Post!   Wir   haben   uns   gefreut,   noch   einmal   von   Ihnen   zu   hören.
Inzwischen   sind   wir   wieder   gut   zuhause   angekommen   und   haben   schon   wieder   eine   Woche   gearbeitet.
Auf   diesem   Weg   möchten   wir   uns   bei   Ihnen   noch   einmal   sehr   herzlich   bedanken   für   ein   paar   Tage   in   Ihrer   wunderbaren   Stadt   und   in   Ihrem   schönen   Hotel!   Wir   haben   die   Zeit   genossen   und   haben   uns   bei   Ihnen   sehr   wohl   gefühlt!
Sie   möchten   wissen,   was   Sie   verbessern   können?   Ich   weiß   es   nicht!   Ihr   Hotel   ist   sehr   geschmackvoll   ausgestattet,   besonders   schön   fanden   wir   den   Früchstückssalon   und   Ihren   kleinen   Garten   (obwohl   es   wegen   des   Wetters   wenig   Gelegenheit   gab,   dort   zu   sitzen).   Das   Frühstücksbüffet   bietet   alles,   was   das   Herz   begehrt!   Und   am   Abend   hat   man   die   Möglichkeit,   nach   langen   Spaziergängen   durch   die   Stadt   noch   ein   Glas   Wein   zu   trinken   -   was   will   man   mehr?
Gerne   empfehlen   wir   Sie   unseren   Freunden   weiter   -   und   gerne   kommen   wir   wieder   nach   Brügge   -   vielleicht   diesmal   zusammen   mit   unserer   Tochter...
Mit   herzlichen   Grüßen   aus   Offenburg   und   allen   guten   Wünschen
Bernd   Spangenberg   und   Marion   Weyandt-Spangenberg.

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Mary and Alan Fisher1-8-2016 10:00:19

Dear   Marc   and   Lieve,

We   just   wanted   to   write   and   thank   you   again   for   the   wonderful   time   we   had   last   weekend,   celebrating   our   40th   wedding   anniversary   at   your   delightful   hotel.

From   the   moment   we   arrived,   you   and   your   staff   could   not   do   enough   for   us   to   make   our   stay   comfortable   and   you   all   coped   very   well   with   the   complications   of   the   “surprise"   champagne   gift   and   asking   us   to   pay   for   it!

Your   hotel   is   a   lovely,   efficiently   run   oasis   of   calm   in   a   beautiful   city   and   we   have   put   feedback   comments   everywhere   saying   so!

Thanks   again   for   everything,   we   look   forward   to   staying   with   you   again   before   too   long,

Best   Wishes,

Mary   and   Alan   Fisher

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Jim Potts14-5-2016 22:45:25

What   a   marvelous   stay   at   a   beautiful   hotel   in   the   heart   of   Brugge.   The   accommodations   were   spectacular,   the   hosts   marvelous,   breakfast   plentiful,   and   the   sun   room   on   a   bitterly   cold   windy   afternoon   just   what   we   were   looking   for.   We   had   a   lovely   room   overlooking   the   canal,   went   to   several   different   churches   on   Sunday   morning   to   hear   the   organ   and   church   bells,   heard   a   harp   concert,   children’s   choir   concert,   and   walked   around   for   2   days   soaking   up     Brugge.   Very   easy   to   get   around   on   foot,   buses   back   and   forth   to   the   train   station   were   literally   out   the   front   door.   Would   recommend   this   hotel   to   anyone   and   hope   to   be   back   some   day!!!

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Voiss-Bröring, Martha und Dr. Joachim8-2-2016 2:59:29

wir   verbrachten   einige   schöne   Tage   in   ihrem   individuell   geführten   Hotel,daß   uns   von   Anfang   an   begeisterte.   Zeitlos   eleganter   Chick   gepaart   mit   liebevollen   Kleinigkeiten,   sehr   sauber,   sehr   freundliches   Personal,   also   ein   rundum   zu   empfehlendes   Hotel   für   erholsame   Brügge   Tage.   Gerne   haben   wir   ihr   Hotel   weiter   empfohlen   und   das   feed-back   unserer   Freunde   war   ebenso   hervorragend,   Danke   an   Sie   alle   im   Hotel   ter   Duinen,   wir   kommen   sehr   gerne   wieder!

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Benatek Mick3-1-2016 16:40:23

Vraiment   très   très   bien   !   L’hotel   en   lui   même   est   très   confortable   notamment   ma   literie.   Situé   à   10mn   à   pied   du   centre   ville   :   il   est   calme,   au   bord   du   canal,   un   cadre   très   joli.   Mais   surtout,   l’équipe   est   aimable,   très   prévenante,   disponible,   attentive,   très   gentille...   avec   beaucoup   de   naturel   et   de   spontanéité.   Sans   être   obséquieux…   La   décoration   est   faite   avec   goût   et   on   sent   une   touche   personnelle…   Donc   un   séjour   très   agréable   dans   un   hôtel   que   je   recommande   vivement   !

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Maas Wilma en Ronald24-8-2015 8:03:01

Een   zeer   mooi   en   knus   hotel   op   maar   10   minuten   lopen   vanaf   het   centrum.   Met   heel   vriendelijke   mensen   en   een   geweldig   ontbijt!   Zeker   een   aanrader.

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Robin Thiron15-8-2015 12:05:14

Geachte   Mevrouw   /   Meneer
Ik   heb   een   geweldige   verblijf   gehad   in   uw   charme   hotel.
De   servies   en   de   bediening   waren   zeer   goed   en   de   kamer   was   prachtig.
Mijn   heen   en   terug   reis   waren   goed   verlopen.
Ik   kom   zeker   nog   is   terug   naar   uw   charme   hotel.
Ik   ga   dit   hotel   aanraden   aan   mijn   vrienden   en   familieleden

Tot   binnenkort
Met   vriendelijke   groeten  
Robin   Thiron

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Thompson Margaret4-8-2015 9:27:43

Dear   Mr&Mrs   Bossu-Van   Den   Heuvel,

Just   a   quick   reply   to   your   email   which   you   sent   to   my   husband   after   our   one   night   stay   in   your   charming   hotel,   the   night   of   Saturday   25   July.     Sorry   for   the   delay.     Having   been   inconvenienced   by   the   hotel   in   Knokke-Heist,   I   can’t   tell   you   what   a   relief   it   was   to   find   a   room   in   Ter   Duinen.     The   warm   welcome   by   the   young   lady   on   reception(her   first   night   in   that   role   I   believe   you   said)   deserves   a   special   mention.     Having   missed   dinner   that   night   we   appreciated   the   local   beer   and   nuts   which   sent   us   to   bed   for   a   good   night’s   sleep.     Breakfast   the   next   morning   was   delicious   especially   the   fresh   orange   juice,   fruits   and   perfectly   boiled   egg.     Bravo   to   all   the   staff   for   the   constant   replenishment   of   items.

I   agree   with   you   about   the   large   hotel   chains   in   the   centre   of   town.     Some   people   prefer   the   impersonal   service   in   these   establishments   but   for   my   husband   and   myself   it   was   a   pleasure     spend   the   albeit   one   night   chez   vous   and   rest   assured   that,   if   we   return   to   Bruges   (and   I   hope   we   will   before   too   long),   we   shall   look   no   further   than   your   hotel.    

I   shall   be   more   than   happy   to   write   you   a   review   on   tripadvisor.     Keep   up   the   good   work!

Best   regards,

Margaret   &   Douglas   Thompson

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Alex F - Luxembourg3-3-2015 19:06:17

Sehr   angenehmes   Hotel

Das   kleine   familiär   geführte   Hotel   liegt   sehr   schön   an   einem   der   vielen   Kanäle   von   Brugge   etwa   10   Gehminuten   vom   Zentrum   enfernt.   Trotz   der   zentralen   Lage   ist   Lärm   kein   Thema.   Gratis   Parkplätze   (mit   Parkscheibe)   gibt   es   quasi   direkt   vor   dem   Hotel   .   Die   Besitzer   sind   überaus   zuvorkommend   und   freundlich,   so   dass   wir   uns   von   Anfang   an   sehr   wohl   gefühlt   haben.   Das   Hotel   ist   sehr   liebevoll   und   mit   viel   Geschmack   eingerichtet.   Fantastisches   Frühstück!

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